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Friday, 27 August 2010

Chemo and Transplant day zero – Happy Birthday

I haven’t been too good the last few days to blog so a bit of catching up to do.

I had the high dose chemo as mentioned in last post on Wednesday and I have been sick throughout the Thusday and diarrhea (look away now if you are squeamish).

They gave me all the different anti-sickness drugs they could to try and control it, none of them seemed to work brilliantly but I could manage. Thanks for the advice about lots of underwear and PJ’s Paula – I was caught out and surprised when I was being sick and… well fill in the details yourself!

I had my Transplant yesterday Thursday at 2:15 approx. Seven bags of stem cells which took about 2 hours. I vomited during the process on bag 5 (not literally, that would be a bit messy, it was in a bowl). The count this day as day zero or as the nurse said ‘my new birthday’. Does that mean that I get two cards and two lots of presents a year now?

Last night was a night of being sick again, I worked out a system to get to the loo, sit down and puke in a bowl, just in case I had any surprises while puking. Helen the nurse that was looking after me over night was very good and we tried different anti sickness ideas. The last one was injected into my Hickman and seem to do the trick after being sick at about 6am I managed to get a few hours sleep and felt much better by 9am this morning.

I managed my shower and got cleaned up and performed the strict mouth wash regime as normal, which consists of brushing teeth, mouth wash rinse, droplet rinse around mouth.

There going to put an addition into my pump to see if it help reduce the sickness. As I’m writing this my stomach is churning again. I’ve eat half a slice of toast this morning and had a cup of tea. I haven’t eaten for the last couple of days as not felt like it. Just need to see how it goes.

The next stage is my blood count to drop to zero, which is expected, that’s when I have no immune system and will no doubt be ill and get a temperature. I will probably get Rigors again, which I have previously had when I first started my treatment and ended up in hospital for a week. It’s where you body shakes uncontrollably because of the high temp. Although I felt really cold the way to reduce it is to cool you down. Not looking forward to that bit again as it wasn’t nice, at least I know what to expect this time though.

I will write more when I can…..


  1. Oh how dreadful for you what you have to go through to get better. Worth it in the end that's what you have to keep telling yourself. hope the days get better for you thinking of you. Carol xx

  2. I went off tea for ages - blah!

    The fun thing is with the air conditioning fluctuating at will - you won't know whether it's you that hot or cold or not!

    Oh, oh, let me tell you - I'd got so use to having my temperature taken via my ear at other places that the first time I was approached with a thermometer there I thought 'Where the hell is that going?'

  3. Oh Sean, that's awful. How difficult it must be. Get through the pain and illness to come out the other side as they say. Try more toast and for a good excuse--ginger or arrowroot as it's supposed to be a natural rememdy for sickness..... Sooooo.... if you have it in biscuit form then you'll have a great excuse.:) Awww really hope it picks up for you and the sickness and high temperature goes away asap. Keep strong. Anna. xxx