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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A few things to catch up on

Once again it has been a while since I have blogged. I’m feeling a lot better now than I was before. The only lingering thing I have now is some pain in my right ribs. I’m not sure if I have bruised my side through the amount of coughing I have done over the last four weeks or it is the start of my myeloma taking effect on my bones. I must get it checked out next time at at the hospital, if it is still hurting. I can’t lie on my right side at the moment because of the pain and it starts me off coughing again.


My appointments have changed now for the hospitals. I used to go to Liverpool every Friday and Chester every Tuesday. That has now changed so that I go once a fortnight to Liverpool, still on a Friday and once a fortnight to Chester, but now on a Thursday. So this week (Thursday) at Chester and next week to Liverpool on Friday and so on. I’m not quite sure what will happen if they take my bloods at Liverpool and find out that I need a transfusion, probably the same as we did last time; Arrange to have it at Chester. But that means a group and save on the Monday and then transfusion on the Tuesday. Do I go back again on the Thursday? Who knows, I will just have to wait and see. It will be ok at Chester if they discover I need blood on the Thursday as I will just go back again on the Friday for the transfusion. Hopefully though that shouldn’t happen too often and I wont need any transfusion.


I’ve had my paraprotein checked again and the good news is that it seems to have plateaued at the 13 mark. Last time was 12.9 and this time it is 13, which I’m happy with. As long as it doesn’t go up, that is good news.

The difference between dogs and horses!

I’m sure if you live in the UK then you are familiar with the laws regarding dogs fouling public walkways etc and used to seeing the red boxes for disposing of dog muck. If you don’t collect the dog muck that your hound has decided to excrete, then the owner faces a possible fine! However I’m not familiar with such a law for horses! The reason I mention this is that over a week ago a horse (along with it’s owner)  has obviously been trekking  along the public footpath near me and decided to dump it’s load right in the middle of the pavement where it has continued to stay for the last week. Now keep in mind the size of a dog compared to the size of a horse! Now this footpath is used by families with pushchairs and parents take their children to school along this route sometimes with their small children riding their bikes. The horse muck takes up most of the footpath and nobody has taken responsibility for clearing it up. There isn’t another footpath that people can cross over too, they have to avoid it by going onto the road. Maybe I should put a bit sign in it asking for the owner of the horse to please clear the mess away. Perhaps all horse riders should carry a back-pack with a shovel (poop scoop) and large pink bag to shovel the mess up and carry it away with them, just like dog owners have too!