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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Coconut Macaroon and blood

No I’m not suggesting that you mix the two things! eewww. I had my fortnightly appointment at Liverpool hospital and had my blood taken as usual on 10z Outpatients. The wait to have my bloods taken, isn’t very long at all and I’m usually out within about 20mins and yesterday was no exception. It was good to catch up with a few of the patients I hadn’t seen for a while. One of them being my fellow patient from Chester, Heather who had just come out of hospital after having her Stem Cell Transplant. She was her usual jolly self and looked well, but I’d be the first to admit that looking OK doesn’t necessarily been you are doing well, but she did assure me that she was OK and it’s good to know that her son was helping her at home during her recovery process. Hopefully I will see her again next time I’m there if our appointments cross again.

After having my bloods taken I went downstairs for my appointment with the Dr and unfortunately as usual I had to wait over an hour and half before being called in. I have to wait for the blood results to come back and like yesterday, sometimes they take ages. I was getting really bored and fed up of waiting, when another fellow patient and I’d like think a friend now Adam turned up, although he did look pretty tired as he’s having to visit the hospital three times a week for treatment for his liver. He told me he was going to get something to eat and would be back later and sure enough about 10 minutes later he came back, but not empty handed, as a very welcomed surprise to me, he bought some cakes, one of them being a coconut macaroon. As mentioned I’d been waiting ages to be seen, the cake was very much appreciated as I was getting pretty hungry.  We decided to go and sit outside the Dr’s room and wait to be called as he couldn’t miss us their when he came out to call any other patients.

Adam and I only had about 15 minutes to chat to each other and I wish I  could have spent more time chatting, but I got called in to see the Dr (at least sitting outside the door worked!) When Adam is a bit better I’d like to meet up with him in Chester (he is from Chester as well) and go for coffee and a proper discussion. We talk about all sorts and we seem to be on the same wave length and discuss things from religion to how to cook prawns.

My discussion with the Dr was relatively short as well, we ran through my blood results, which are:

HB 8.2
PL 53
Wh 4.8

My Haemoglobin is a bit low and I would normally have blood if it gets below 8, but as I back in Chester on Wednesday to get my bloods checked again, we decided to leave it, rather than try and arrange form something over the weekend. My platelets have dropped again, and we are going to keep and eye on that as well. If need be I may have a rest in between this cycle and my next of Lenalidomide as that could be causing it to drop.

I’m not having any major problems or side effects at the moment, although sleeping at night is still and issue and last night when I did eventually fall asleep I woke up in agony with cramp in my leg again. So I’ve not had much sleep again after being woken up at 2:30am.

I’m just going to take it easy over the next few days and try not to overdo it and hopefully make it to Wednesday without being too exhausted.


  1. Chris Sanderson31 March 2012 at 09:46

    I imagine googling coconuts may get you in to trouble with your browser history!!

  2. We saw Adam briefly last week - he's so nice. I too should have been there yesterday at the transplant clinic but we only found out when the letter arrived at 2.30 yesterday afternoon! Hb 8.2 definitely don't overdo it. :D

  3. Bananas are good for leg cramps because of the potassium which seems to be part of the cause, and if you are allowed, a tiny bit of magnesium seems to help, too. Not too much because it will loosen things up inside which you probably do not want.

    Sounds like you are progressing well, as intended (LOL!) and continuing to hold you in my Intention Beam... :-)

    1. Thanks :-) your intentions are always welcome x

  4. Sorry about that nasty leg cramp - ouch and more ouch! But loved hearing about your meeting Adam and how kind he was to bring you that yummy macaroon. it's lovely the way one can feel an instant connection, isn't it. xx, karen

    1. my leg still hurts now from the cramp, can't sleep again and it now 4:48am and I've been up for a few hours already. I could do with a macaroon now, I'm starting to feel hungry. I think I'm making an instant connection to sugary food :)

  5. Oh gosh, Sean, those leg cramps are nasty. Tim had them while on Rev. I put him on calcium/magnesium tablets and they pretty much went away. I think it's actually the magnesium,which is known to relax large muscles, that does the trick. Hope you get better sleep and that those cramps go away. Prayers still coming your way from Jersey.