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Saturday, 10 September 2011


After finally getting on a ward at six o'clock, well just after, had a bit of a wait in a chair before going into my room, I finally settled down.

They were very busy on the ward, so it was nearly an hour before anyone came to see me. I didn't mind the wait as it gave me time to settle in. I am lucky enough to have a room to myself rather than be on the open ward.

The main ward has a lot VERY noisy people, one elderly man was shouting 999 all night! So being on my own and wait was acceptable, after i shut the door.

Lanncashire hotpot was nice for tea but didn't score many marks for presentation. 

They put me on a drip of saline, but i think this was more of routine than actually needing it.

They took my obs when I arrived and my temp was 37.2 and before going to it was 36.6 which is normal (normal in the sense of temperature, not me being normal). This morning it has gone back up slightly to 37.2 but I feel much better after having a few hours sleep without a headache.

A lovely nurse came in at 2:30am to give me my next dose of antibiotics. I didn't catch her name and can't remember from last time I was here. She is one of those nurses that make you feel at ease straight away and you can tell is in a job she enjoys. Its a shame not all nurses are the same, but maybe Im expecting too much.

As Im writing this, its nearly 7am on Saturday. The man that was shouting 999 is now shouting hello every 30 seconds. Its so tempting to shout out really loud HELLO. Just to see if he says anything else. I don't think he would though as some the nurses have already tried answering. But it would be fun.

I spoke to Charito earlier and she is missing me, and i am missing her, but hopefully only for tonight.

I will write more later. I really could do with a tablet to write the blog posts on,rather than my mobile phone. That's a hint to Charito, which I think will fall on deaf ears ;-)

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  1. Sounds like the elderly man has gone senile, poor thing. Just so you know, there are over 20 Intenders aligning with my intention for you, seeing you in perfect health, able to complete the SCT, good cells doing what good cells do... and I have just completed a Reiki session for you this morning, sending you healing energy. The temperature numbers are hard to follow... 36.6 to 72.2? HUGE range - are you a boiling pot? LOL! Anyhow, continuing to intend from across the pond and somewhat south (as in SA)... abrazo!