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Thursday, 22 September 2011

3 October admission date

I now know the date I am going into hospital. The 3 October is the day I am will be going in for my transplant. I will be attending the Clatterbridge Hospital at 12:15 on Monday 3rd and straight after that appointment, which is for the test Radio Therapy I will be going over to the Royal Liverpool Hospital where they will have a room ready for me (so I was told). That evening I will be having some Chemo and on Thursday I will going back over to Clatterbridge Hospital for the Radio Therapy also on this day will be my transplant, I’m not sure if this is before or after. I think I will be having the Radio therapy whilst Nigel begins the extraction and when I get back they will start to do the infusion.

I will get the full Schedule on Friday. Nigel has his consultation in Liverpool and I will be going with him. Edwina will be providing me with the full schedule then.


  1. is this a change from your livestream comment of it being friday the 6th that you actually have your transplant as here it says thursday?. hope all goes well with the meeting for you and Nigel tomorrow :)

  2. I will be intending - and cheerleading - for a successful transplant event for both of you!