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Friday, 9 July 2010

Tai Chi and Qigong Health benefits

wondersofqigongI ’ve been looking into alternative therapies for Myeloma, not that I’m going to change my treatment, but as a way to increase my life span. I found some information about Qigong (pronounced chi gong). Tai Chi is a moving form of Qigong more info

The benefits are medically proven and I have looked into local courses and will hopefully manage to get some lessons before my engraftment. There is also a form of Qigong that can be done while sitting down –the eight Brocades, which is suitable for recuperating. There are various different forms, the eight brocades is one of them.

If it helps with myeloma and increases life span, then it is worth doing - Tai Chi And Qigong Show Significant Health Benefits


  1. Yes I like tai chi, yo pienzo q es bueno para ti y para todos , espero q comienzes rapido el tai chi si my love , ya se acerca tu transplate pronto , yo y toda my familia esta que ORA por ti my love , yo se q DIOS esta aqui contigo y te va curar si my love,QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE. I love you lotsanda forever. CHARITO.

  2. I believe Tai Chi is really good for you but I lack the necessary co-ordination for the flowing stuff - I'm much better with yoga - however I'm going to look into that eight Brocades.

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