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Friday, 30 July 2010

I have a date and can parrots swim

I had my appointment at The Royal Liverpool hospital this morning. After have my blood taken, the usual process is that I then have to wait for about an hour before seeing the doctor and the results to be returned. So I had my blood taken and then went over to the G-clinic for my usual wait; however this time it was much more fun.

Paula ( had already emailed me a couple of days previously saying that she was at Liverpool on Friday and that we might bump into each other again. Sure enough they were in G-Clinic when I got there. I went over to talk to them, but this time I was determined not to say anything wrong, like I did last time we met (see previous post about the keys). Paula had already had her bloods taken and she and her husband said they were going to get a cup of coffee (from the coffee shop just around the corner of G-Clinic). They asked if I wanted to go with them, but I said no, knowing that I might say something I shouldn’t again and I didn’t want to feel bad again and drop Paula in it. However after about five minutes talking with Bernard as he was telling me a funny story, they said are you sure you don’t want to come for a coffee. So I change my mind and went with them. I’m really glad I did, we never stopped laughing. They are both really fabulous people and have plenty of funny stories to tell. If you ever need cheering up, just spend some time with Paula and Bernard.

After the coffee we went back to clinic and waited for our names to be called. The rest of the people waiting must have thought we were nuts, as we just kept laughing. Apparently and during conversation in the past, I can’t remember which story this related to now, probably involved Paula’s skills at driving (all of the very funny), anyway it went something like this – Can Paula Drive? Bernard ‘Can Parrots Swim! As Paula was telling me this I thought, errr i’m not sure, can they. Then she said exactly the same thing that she wasn’t sure either.

Later on I received and email from Paul telling me apparently they couldn’t. However me being me, always being argumentative and not believing anything anyone says have Googled it and found a video clip of a parrot swimming.



So now when when Bernard uses that phrase Paula, you can say. ‘Yes they can’

The waiting went very quick and I have never enjoyed my time at a hospital as much as I have today. Thanks for the coffee Bernard next time I will buy.

On another point and the reason I was at the hospital today, I was waiting to see if they were going to give me a date for my stem cell engraftment (so called transplant). I’m glad to say that I now have a date (providing I don’t get told they have changed it). I’m going in on Monday the 23 August. Which means that I will be in hospital for Amy’s birthday and the parachute jump that is being organised for the end of the month. I want to see lots of pictures and videos.

Although it is still a number of weeks off yet, at least I have a date I know I am working to, rather than it should be next month or the month after. Providing everything goes to plan, which there is no reason to think it shouldn’t that is the date I will be going in.

I know I have written much in the last few weeks and thanks to everyone who has emailed and called to ask if I am ok. The only reason I haven’t written anything is that not much has gone on really. I had another does of Pentamidine at the hospital last week (yuck).

As I explained to Amy on the phone, the highlight of my life at the moment is what time is Big Brother on. (yes that is how bored and sad my life is at the moment). I get all excited when something new happens in BB (I think I’m turning into a woman)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as it is Chris and Jodie’s birthday party next door. So I’m sure we wont be noisy or drink too much (believe that and you will believe anything). I would let my hair down, but I don’t have that much to do that with. My hair has grown back again but very thinly at the moment, but it’s only for the next few weeks, as I will definitely lose all of it when in hospital for the 3/4 week stay.

So even though the weather wasn’t good today and I got went in Liverpool town centre, I have had a good day and tomorrow is going to be even better.


  1. My love porfin llego el dia YO SE QUE DIOS VA ESTAR ATULADO CUIDANDOTE MUCHISIMO EL TE VA CURAR LO SIENTO MY LOVE SI, yo estera preocupada pero DIOS mueve montanas my amor,
    y tu vas a regresar a casa y vamos estar juntos otra vez con DIOS y my hermana si, bueno solo quiero decirte que ERES LO MEJOR Q TENGO EN ESTA VIDA TE AMO MUCHISIMO POR SIEMPRE, QUE DIOS SIEMPRE TE BENDIGA.
    I love you lots. Charito.

  2. Ofcourse Parrots can swim Sean, the same as Girls can drive and the same a Carrots and Bananas can (Paula will understand)