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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Friday at Liverpool–CMV mystery

Alien EyesCharito and I went to Liverpool hospital together this week as she is off work during the school holidays, so we have been spending time together.

We were in an out of 10z outpatients very quickly as Gill was back off her holidays and there wasn’t a queue so everything was done and dusted and we were on a way downstairs with my bloods ready to hand them in and wait the hour for the results to come back before seeing the doctor. The usual receptionist must have been on holiday and the the relief one also as there was a new gentlemen trying to cope with all of the patients arriving and the que was all the way to the double dours about 4 meters away (13ft) but we finally got there in the end. Had my weight taken as usual and gave in my bloods to the nurse.

Heather was in the waiting area but we didn’t get to have a real chat as Charito and I went for a cup of tea and coffee in the restaurant whilst waiting. No soon as we got back that the doctor called us straight in which was unusual, normally I have to wait at least another half hour to an an hour.

Blood results still holding:

HB: 8.7
PL 94
WH 4.5
Neuts 2.3

So they aren’t too bad, but this has been my week off from my Lenalidomide cycle, started again on Saturday.

Something new had come up this week with my CMV check.

I was told that the results from last week were showing a CMV results of CMV+ with a reading of 500 (not sure what the of what the 500 means yet)

Both myself and my sibling donor (Nigel) are CMV- so I was told it was unusual in itself. The doctor is calling me on Monday, depending on the results from this Fridays tests to see if I need to be back in to Liverpool for an appointment this coming week. If it as has got worse he wants to see me!

From the initial search that I have done there seems to conflicting or at least too much information to search through that will give me a difinitive answer.

CMV (Cytomegalovirus) is a common virus that most people have when they are younger and don’t even realise they have had it. It’s part of the herpes virus and spread through bodily fluid such as urine or saliva and spread when someone coughs or sneezes.  It causes few symptoms and most people don’t even realise they have it.

In people like myself who have had a bone marrow transplant (SCT) it can lead to organ damage. What I would like to know is what is the process, which organs, probably liver and kidney and although I have been told it is 500 I have no idea if that is high or a low reading. They implied it was a really low reading and they just wanted to keep an eye on it. If anyone has got a good web site link to the reading and and possible outcome for a CMV+ change on two CMV- people then I would be appreciated it, it the meantime I will continue to try and dig something out and find out what the Doctor days tomorrow when he calls me.