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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Update again

A few things have happened over the last week or so. Ive started to come out with a bit of graft V host desease. At least thats what they think it is the start of. I have a slight rash on my hands and legs.

Ive started to drive again, locally first and ive driven once to liverpool.

The last few days i havent been too good. Last Thursday my temp was up and down  and spiked in the evening at 38 but that was with paracetamol, so it would have been higher.

I told the doctor at my friday appointment and he said I should have gone in to the ward to get checked.

My temperature was down to normal at my appointment on the Friday but I had to arrange for two units of blood at Chester on Monday.

Friday night my temp started to creep up again but didnt go over 38. I was very tired on the Saturday and Sunday and what felt like my bones in my neck, chest and legs were really aching. I put this down to needing blood though on the monday.

I was tired coming into Chester on the monday and my temp was climbing again the night before. I had the two units of blood and later on that evening my temp started climbing and I had a bad headache.

My temp went up to 38.1 with paracetamol and I had to have the fan on for most of the night. I didnt feel well at all.

I was supposed to be at Liverpool for my appointment but after speaking to a doctor on the phone and telling them that I didnt feel up to driving the long distance to liverpool they arranged for me to be checked out in Chester.

Im at Chester hospital now blogging from my phone. Im not sure if im staying in or not yet. I have a bag packed just in case!


  1. I know the inlaws next door have arrived. Got my temperature up as well. No escape for me!!

  2. Sean,

    I did an Allo back in May - I am in the US. I stayed 29 days in the Hospital in my original stay. I also got a skin rash and other mild signs of GVHD a week and a half after I left the Hospital. Sounds like you got it during the same time frame I did. Mine lasted about 2 weeks. Some Acute GVHD is VERY good. It is a sign that the TCells from the Graft were active - hopefully KO'ing the Myeloma. I am doing great now - about 6.5 months since my Allo. No problems with Chronic GVD at this point and I am almost off all Immunosuppression. Hang in there - things WILL get better.