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Monday, 7 November 2011

Days 30 & 31–Temp and 2 Years

Although I did write something on here on the 30, It was to cover day 29. I think I was too sleepy and shaky to recall that it was the 5th of November, not that I love Guy  Fawkes Night, but rather it was two years exactly that I was told that I had cancer. So for the last two years I have been in treatment. The first year to get my first transplant using my own stem cells. I was told just before Christmas 2010 that it didn’t work and started my second treatment straight away which was very intense and as you all know I have just had my second transplant.

I’m hoping that this one has worked, as they wont know properly for another couple of months, this time I’m hoping the tell me that it has worked well and I can enjoy Christmas for once and start to  have some kind of quality of life!

Saturday started off OK but as the evening went on my temp started to climb it didn’t go tremendously high, but it just touched 38c as I went to bed. So to cool down I slept with the covers off me and put the fan on that Jody (my wonderful next door neighbour, who I call my sister) gave me. I left it on all night and kept checking it through out the night. Charito goes to the toilet about a million time a night, well it feels like that anyway. She made sure I checked my temp in case it had gone up any further, but fortunately it started to come down and by morning it was at about 37.2 which is OK. I kept monitoring it throughout the day, but it was normal, so I didn’t worry about it. I’m not sure why it went up and if it stayed at 38c I probably would have had to go into the Liverpool hospital for them to keep an eye on me. I will mention it to the doctor tomorrow at my next appointment.

Sunday was spent relaxing with Charito and watching lots of the Fringe episodes back to back. It’s one of the best series I’ve seen. It’s a bit like the X-Files and keeps you wanting more with each episode. I’m coming to the end of series 3 now. I hope series 4 is available soon, as they only have series 1,2 & 3 available on BT on Demand.

For the first time this winter we have had a bit of frost overnight only slightly, but it felt like the proper winter had started with it being so cold.


  1. My modem has been out of service for the past few days so I haven't been able to read or post anything. But that hasn't stopped me from intending and sending Reiki just the same... Whooooooo! Intending that every day in every way you are getting 'back up to speed' and will soon be in a mental and physical place to enjoy the holidays! Thanks for doing such a big effort to keep us updated... abrazos to you & Charito!

  2. I love Fringe! Chel and I watch it religiously haha. Am up to date on season 4 as i download it from a particular site after it has aired friday night in America. Im too skint to pay for skys HD channels to watch it on them. Hope they don't axe it after this series!.... Hope you improve quickly and your temp stays down altho perfect time of year to be keeping Charito warm in bed, less money on the heating bill haha sending love and hugs xxxxx