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Friday, 5 August 2011

My feet woke me up

Feet_0002After taking my Dexamethasone in the afternoon rather than the normal morning routing, It wasn’t until about 2:30am that I felt I could go to bed and possibly get some sleep.

However at 5:30 this morning I was woken by my feet! OK they didn’t actually speak to me or shout out ‘Sean wake it up’, but the pain in my feet was enough to wake me up again.

So here I am, it’s now 6:23am Friday and I thought I would just blog about it and take a picture of my feet Confused smile 

I’m wide awake again and will probably just surf the net. Can too much studying photography make you blind!

I will be taking my Dex early in the morning time today so that hopefully by the time the evening comes I can get at least a few more hours sleep than I did last night/this morning, now I’m confused, what ever the day is!

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  1. Chris Sanderson5 August 2011 at 08:00

    Surely if you wear a pirates patch while researching, you will only risk 1 eye

  2. Have you ever tried to take your Dex later in the day? Tim used to take his in the evening and sleep pretty well that night because it had not really "hit" yet. He'd be revved the next day, and usually be tired enough that night to manage some decent sleep. This works for some folks.