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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Meal with Paula and Bernard

After my appointment on Friday we (Charito and I) met up with Paula and Bernard (

We had a lovely meal in the Living Room and caught up on how we are both getting on with our treatments. I met Paula the first time I was having my transplant, she had just had hers and was in staring in her remission, unfortunately like me it came back again quickly and we are both in similar situations now and both been on the PAD regime. Although Paula’s paraprotein  is at zero at the moment. Unfortunately Paula doesn’t have any siblings so she will need to find a donor if she goes ahead with the transplant (which she probably will). I was telling Nigel about her yesterday and he immediately said he would offer if he was a match. (thats if he has any left after mine Winking smile  - sorry Paula get in the queue). Jodie next door also offered. So I think when the time comes Paula don’t forget to ask (sure you wont) and I will let the people I know who are willing to put their names forward.

Here are few pictures that we took at the Living Room Restaurant.


As you can see Paula is always smiling and has a great sense of humour. Bernard has lots stories to tell and enlightened us with street by street navigation of where he used to live naming lots of streets as he provided the story how he was proving someone wrong about the Town Hall in his old town, sorry village, it doesn’t have a town hall (hence the point he was making) He used to do a paper round in the village and knows all of the street names (that he had great pleasure in naming!! Winking smile that past about half an hour of time Smile with tongue out)  We must go and visit to see if he was right!

I insisted on Paying (or was that Bernard insisted on me paying Winking smile) I told him he could pay next time. They bough the drinks and cakes last time we met, so it was my turn. I told him that we would meet up again after my transplant and I can go out again (ok – I did say he might be lucky and I might not make it and he could save some money. Paula found that funny – I think she has the same sense of humour as me)

We had a lovely time and I did promise I wouldn’t pop my clogs and assured Bernard we would meet up again, so he will have to pay. I must make sure we go for a BIG three course meal and make him pay Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Lovely snapshots of you and Charito and Bernard and Paula... looking forward to your next get-together because it will mean your STC is in the past and you are on the mend! I will do a better job of monitoring your blog so I can be one of your cheerleaders through the transplant. Intending that all goes well with Nigel's collection and the distribution to you is smooth, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is! Whoooooo!

  2. Despite having to pay for the next meal, now I can't afford for anything to happen to you in case I need Nigel and Jodie's contact details! ;D