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Sunday, 19 June 2011

VLog Number One


This is my first attempt at a  VLog let me know what you think!

Cure talk –

Top ten blogs written by myeloma heroes


  1. Chris Sanderson19 June 2011 at 17:03

    Well put together with your usual humor. Cheers good friend. Chris & Jodie

  2. lol! that was epic dad, great job!! and to add to the many thanks for Chris and Jodie. I'd like to thank them too for always being so helpful and kind towards my father, they've got to be the most decent people you could ever ask to live by. back to the Vlog, try and be more fluent I think. That's really all the criticism I could give. love you dad.

  3. Wow loved it..... Vlog was super, was so nice to see you in person after all these years!

    Keep positive.
    Love Sonja x x x

  4. how scouse do you sound!!!!! Loved the blog. Just relax a bit more. You used to do this for a living! Well done! look forward to the next installment.

  5. i was thinking exactly the same as Deb lol but then I am used to the welsh accent now..... great vlog tho :) xx

  6. that was faye btw

  7. Very creative and interesting - you are blessed with two awesome neighbors, that is certain! I am certain future Vlogs will flow more easily as you pre-think your presentation, but I don't really have a critical remark as you provided us with a variety of views and plenty of humor!

    I really liked the stark background as it reminded me of your flower shots...

  8. Me steph an Craig have just watched your blog an we think you should vblog all the time well good no more typing steph wants to know where you got your hair done she loves the pink xxx

  9. Has Deb and anonymous never been to Liverpool?

    I loved it but the background music was a bit loud. What do you mean there was none. Okay I had a little technical hiccup in the background.

    Very impressed with the little additions. It was really good to see you again.

    Great job's been done on the garden.

    And yes I am feeling better, thank you. Not quite 100% but not far off. xx

  10. love it dad. igree vith jim but over all rely good love u lots dad