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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Wednesday’s blood counts were good, even though I have been feeling very tired over the last week.

HB 9.3 which isn’t fantastic but above the level needing a transfusion, they will check again on Monday to see if I need any, but hopefully they have climbed a bit more, so I wont need one.

Platelets are 90 which I was a bit surprised about as my nose has still be bleeding a bit, so I was prepared to have more platelets. I think the fact my nose is still bleeding is because it hasn’t healed properly from last week. (note to self, I must stop picking my nose!)

Nuets 2.3 McDonalds here I come. No special diet at the moment.

Monday will be the start of my 6th Cycle and possibly my last one. I may go onto having seven, I will have to speak to Dr Lee to see how my bloods are doing and if he thinks I need a 7th, watch this space….