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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Day to Remember Sean

This was a day to remember Sean, and try to look on the bright side.


This will mainly be some photos of the day.

1-IMG_4594 his two sons Stephen and James.

1-IMG_4574His daughter and one of the smaller relations in the Myeloma colours.

 1-IMG_4590Brothers and sister, myself (Nigel), Carol, and Nick.

The service was very nice Charito was very brave and managed to say some lovely words, I tried my best to keep it a little cheerful. the reception afterwards was kept upbeat as we all remembered Sean, with little story's of things he did with his wicked sense of humour.

  1-IMG_4576 This was Charito with Sean’s Monkey,  I didn’t know he had a cuddly toy, but apparently he used too sleep with it every night, as he couldn’t sleep without it.  His grandchildren got it him some time ago, and with Sean’s normal sense of humour he named it SPANK!

A special mention has to go to Jodie and Chris his neighbours, as they both got a tattoo to remember Sean. he always said they were like another brother and sister to him.

1-IMG_4595The back of Jodie’s neck.