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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My cough got worse

It was bound to happen, my cough didn’t get any better on the Sunday, if fact it got worse. The Crackles that the doctor heard were, by Sunday evening, very much loud rumblings in my Chest. My nose was streaming and just couldn’t stop coughing. I was coughing up yucky stuff, which is a good sign, at least it was moving. Monday was no better and as the Doctor suggested I was monitoring my temperature. It started to go …..37…37.4….37.7…. I only start to worry when it goes over 38 …….next one 38.7. Oh …. time to start worrying, I’ve got used to this though and fully aware that the first thing I need to do is cool myself down. So windows open fan on minimum clothing ext. As usual though with a high temperature I feel as though I am freezing and always seems the wrong thing to do is to make you even colder, but that’s what we have to do!

By doing the above I managed to keep it below 38. Taking the paracetimol which helps reduce the temperature. It’s at this point that I have to consider, do I go back into hospital or wait to see if it gets better or worse! Having gone through the experience of how they cool you down, I was doing the exact same thing at home, although this time my chest was rattling, I decided I would try and hold off. I’ve gone through goodness knows how many boxes of tissues and a roll of toilet roll, with the spitting and nose blowing. Charito is going to buy some more today for me as I have nearly finished another box, about six or seven I think. My nose is sore and bleeding and I’m trying to put some E45 around my nostrils to keep them moisturised, but it stings like hell on the cracked skin.

I kept an eye on my temperature throughout the night. I’ve just taken it again and for the first time for a while it has gone just below 37, so I’m hoping it will stay that way. I’m not coughing as much this morning, so hopefully on the road to recovery.

I’m still taking the cough medicine and using the vicks vapour rum, not that I can smell it. I managed to get a bit of sleep last night as well, which I think has helped me feel a bit better.

I have my bone marrow biopsy and full skeletal scan tomorrow, so I will get the doctor have a look at my chest, just to make sure everything it ok-ish.

One other thing I found out while at the hospital the other day, is that my platelet count is now 55, which I think means 55,000 per microlitre. In an adult, a normal count is about 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microlitre of blood. It is considered a risk at 22,000 as spontaneous bleeding may occur. The only thing I don’t know or rather can’t remember is what my last blood count I had with Dr Lee showed.  So it may have gone up or down, I will have to wait and see.


  1. Try vasaline if that's how you spell it lol it doesn't sting. :) xxxxxxx

  2. I agree with Amy re the vaseline.

    And may I add 39.2 - puffing chest out proudly! ;D